Witch Tips & Weekly Horoscopes

Written By Jessica Lanyadoo

Witch Tips




Stability is only good when things are healthy and vital – otherwise, it’s just a fancy word for rut. This week is peppered with transits that call for change, and while that may feel overwhelming at times, it’s an opportunity for you to leverage. If things are going to be chaotic, why not lean into the energy and make the changes you need to? Change is the only inevitable in life; your job is to learn from the circumstances that are thrust upon you and, as often as possible, to seek growth.

From the 30th-2nd, visceral Mars will sit opposite to reactive Uranus. This is accident-prone energy and can set your defenses on edge. Whatch what you do now because fights you pick will have a real force to them. If you’re going to be aggressive, you can trust that others will act in kind. Don’t fight to prove a point – fight to get free. You may encounter a conflict that you need to take on, or maybe you really just need to listen to others. Be open to seeing your role. Life can be hella messy, but if it’s real, it deserves your presence.

Mercury Retrograde is always a time to review, reasses, and refine, and an important one in which to watch your reactions. Expect your plans to go sideways, people to misunderstand you, and technology to be a real boner from December 2nd-22nd. Pad your plans with extra time, and be generous when people annoy you because you’re probably annoying them too.

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