Benefits of Mint + Mint Ginger Wellness Tea

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Free People writes:

Refreshing and cooling, while mint may speak more to summer, it’s the perfect ingredient to usher in fall and keep illness at bay as we build up our immunity…

What is it?

Native to parts of North America, Australia and Southern Africa, mint now grows globally, with about 18 official species and a larger variety of cultivars and hybrids. With dark green leaves and purple flowers, mint is a common garden herb and spreads easily — sometimes prolifically (if you want to keep it contained, mint is great for a container garden for this reason). Highly versatile, it can be used in everything from natural remedies, to baking and cooking, to cocktails, to aromatherapy.

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Benefits of mint

Mint boasts a wide range of benefits — most notably, mint has been used in traditional medicine to… Continue Reading

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